Philippines: Social Business Capital of the World

Flag map of the Philippines

Flag map of the Philippines (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In a casual conversation with Tony Meloto, Gawad Kalinga Founder, he emphatically shared that he wanted the Philippines to be known as the “social business/entrepreneurship capital of the world.” This vision was one of the driving forces behind the recently concluded Global Social Business Summit held at the GK Enchanted Farm in Angat, Bulacan just last October 2-5, 2013.


Day’s after (Oct. 8), publised “Philippines: The Innoation drive that turned social” written by Jonathan Calan. The article mentions how several of the initiatives currently being incubated at IdeaSpace have a decidedly ‘social’ ‘for the good of many’ slant vs. the typical profit, money making motive. The article notes Philippine Social StartUps like LifeTudlo, Mirand, and

While not in the technology space (in today’s buzzword sense), the international recognition garnered in the past few years by social startups Human Nature and Rags2Riches cannot also be discounted. More to come? Possibly so in both the startup and social startup scene.


In the framework of lean startup, we call this LEAN IMPACT.


Lean Impact is About:

  • Figuring out what creates real impact and discarding what doesn’t
  • Shortening the time in the “create – measure – learn” cycle
  • Measuring the things that matter
  • Operating with fewer wasted resources
  • Leveraging forward-thinking technologies to achieve our goals
  • Gathering continual feedback from our community
  • Adapting funding sources to foster innovation
  • Creating a culture that sees failure as a learning that brings us closer to a solution
  • Encouraging agility in the social sector
  • Eliminating mission creep influenced by funding


Do you want to help the Philippines? Are you a social entrepreneur? Then maybe the Philippines as a Social Business Capital of the World is not a far off vision




 – Guita Gopalan, LSManila Organizer