LearningOpp: Free Webcast: Lean Analytics for Non-tech Companies

Lean Analytics for Non-tech Companies

Date: October 25, 2013 at 10:00am PDT

(PHILIPPINE TIME: October 26, 2013 – 1:00AM)

Speakers: Alistair CrollBen Yoskovitz

A key concept in Lean Startup is the Build-Measure-Learn loop. But what if you don’t know what to measure? All companies face challenges in determining useful metrics, but non-tech companies often have fewer benchmarks than their tech counterparts. In this free webcast, analytics experts Alistair Croll and Ben Yoskovitz will discuss practical approaches to the this problem. Their conversation will be followed by live Q&A with the webcast attendees, so come with your questions in mind.

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Four myths about the Lean Startup

by Eric Reis, author of the Lean Startup on his blog StartupLessonsLearned.com

Myth: Lean means cheap. Lean startups try to spend as little money as possible.

Truth: The Lean Startup method is not about cost, it is about speed. Lean Startups waste less money, because they use a disciplined approach to testing new products and ideas. Lean, when used in the context of lean startup, refers to a process of building companies and products using lean manufacturing principles applied to innovation. That process involves rapid hypothesis testing, validated learning about customers, and a disciplined approach to product development.

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