POSTPONED! LearningOpp: Lean StartUp In Action (2nd Run)

NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC: On behalf of LSManila community and our partners, we sincerely hope that your family and friends in the Visayas region are safe and sound.  In light of the recent calamity, we feel its most appropriate that all resources be directed to ongoing disaster assistance endeavors.
As such the following events for the week have been cancelled:

  • LearningOpp: Lean StartUp in Action (Introduction), scheduled to occur on Wednesday, November 13, 2013 2:00 PM
  • LearningOpp: Pitching Your Idea, scheduled to occur on Wednesday, November 13, 2013 7:00 PM has been cancelled.
  • LearningOpp: Developing Customer Personas, scheduled to occur on Thursday, November 14, 2013 7:00 PM has been cancelled.

These events will be rescheduled if not before the year ends then early January. LSManila will be having a meet-up before the month ends (November) so stay tuned for the details of that or better yet, join the MeetUp Group here to be notified.

I highly encourage you to help out in any way you can – through cash and in-kind donations and by being generous with your time and energy in assisting relief operations.A list of relief operation centers can be found on Rappler. 
If you have further questions, you can email me.  – Guita T. Gopalan, LSManila MeetUp Organizer


Lean Startup is a field-tested philosophy that provides you with a toolset to minimize failure and increase your chances of success. But what is Lean Startup, or more importantly, how do I implement Lean principles into my own company?

Drawn from Eric Ries’ bestseller, this short introduction shows you how I drive successful ventures. I have been building startups for the past 7 years and have refined a practical approach to building “lean startups.” This is a science for transforming an idea to a functioning new business with minimal risk, wastage and learning.

Learn why hundreds of companies, from financial services companies like Moven to social companies like Instagram to large corporations such as Intuit, Investec and News Corp are using this revolutionary technique.

You will learn:
• Practical knowledge in developing new products using lean startup methods
• Learn the science of validated learning
• Approaches to unlocking new innovative ideas
• Methods that can you apply to your business or organisation

Course outline
1. Introduction to Lean Startup

2. Ideation & Validation
– Customer, Problem & Solution
– Assumptions
– Minimum Viable Product

3. Get Out Of The Building
– Product Market Fit
– Customer Discovery & Exploration
– Pitch Method
– Concierge
– Research Analysis & Interruption

Who should attend?
• Entrepreneurs (tech, social entrepreneurs and non profit leaders, etc)
• Product Managers
• Executives and managers with a mandate for innovation

RSVP and Pay online via EventBrite

If you wish to pay offline (via bank deposit), kindly email the secretariat at



Scott is a self-proclaimed extrovert who has meshes a fascination with people and what motivates them, with a raw enthusiasm for technology. Scott is a founding member of Moven the mobile-centric payments business that helps customers to spend, save and live smarter. A founder at Next Bank, a mentor to Entrepreneurs throughout world with Lean Startup Machine, sits on the Board of educational empowering NGO, Care Pakistan and holds advisory positions at, InvitreHUB Singapore and CDI Apps 4 Good.  Scott’s energy transfers to the stage as a globally recognized speaker on The Digital Shift, Consumers, Mobility and Innovation.

Scott has worked with various governments in Asia Pacific and Africa, taking on key advisory roles for countrywide infrastructure, and mobile commerce projects. As a multifaceted techie, he was instrumental in developing the mobile commerce space for markets in Malaysia, Singapore Cambodia, Indonesia and the Philippines. He is on a mission to transform mainstream thought processing around conventional business practices.

When not in a boardroom or on centre stage, you’re likely to find Scott devouring, tweeting, and writing on the latest and greatest in the world of mobility, serendipity, user experience and entrepreneurial leadership. An outlet that landed him a contribution to best-selling book, Bank 3.0, Korean best-seller, Beyond Startup, and the upcoming ‘NextGen Finance’ and ‘Are you ready for Isaac?’

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