What Happened at Lean StartUp in Action

Last October 3, 2013, Scott E. Bales one of the mentors of Lean StartUp Machine gave the “Lean StartUp in Action” course at the Voyager Office in Ortigas Center. Attended by over 50+ Filipino Entrepreneurs the event served as a promise of more things to come.

According to Scott E. Bales: “Lean Startup is a field-tested philosophy that provides you with a toolset to minimize failure and increase your chances of success.” LSIA is Scott’s own application of Eric Reis’ bestseller.

Scott upon reading Eric’s book knew how powerful it was but like many, stumbled on how to implement lean startup principles in his own endeavors. Scott has been a serial entrepreneur for the past seven years and has combined his own learnings and approach to building lean startups. He has built two of his companies purely on the Lean StartUp principles – including Moven! According to Scott, Lean StartUp “is a science for transforming an idea to a functioning new business with minimal risk, wastage and learning.”

Below is the LSIA presentation Scott has made available on SlideShare:

What happens next? Scott and the organizers from BCYF-CBS, Voyager, Noreen Bautista and Jojie Azurin are working on inviting Scott (who is based in Singapore) back on a regular basis to conduct the his other Lean StartUp modules.

What else is coming? Well we’re 200+ email addresses away from Unlocking Manila for Lean StartUp Machine. When we get to unlock Manila, the LSM Team will come to the Philippines to conduct LSM here. Click here to Unlock Manila.

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